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by Moving Castles

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released January 10, 2010



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Moving Castles Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Is This The Life
you're a spendthrift
you're a charlatan
you had me at goodbye
and i think you made me crazy
for the rest of my life
i think you must be mental
but your delivery shines

in film school you're a prodigy
you attend your lectures high
hiding boxes of wine
so elegant and refined

so while you dispense your
inebriated smiles
at parties where the jargon
turns you off
i'll laze about and drown myself
in spirits so divine
and ask myself is this the life?

to the blue-collars
you are the gospel
you whet their appetites
and for them you must oblige
you're elegant in disguise

so where does that leave me
i'm just staring at the ceiling
hoping for your phone call
if i knew what you did nightly
i have a feeling that i'd die
Track Name: Wives (You're near me always)
i read the spark notes
of tender hearted gestures
wrote by empty hearted lepers
and in the bad grammar
of these stupid words
you'll find i love you so

i may not intellectualize
the way we've joined our lives
but i am always honest

and we may not be the two
our friends look up to but thats
not the point of being in love

we're not a nation of two
'cause words can't attempt
to paint me and you
and i don't care
we're not designed to compare
all i know is that you're near me always

you're near me always

they say true love dosen't hold a candle
to the vices found in life
but what is life when there's no
one for me, or one for you we're no one
so now vicariously we will live through everyone

oh, how fashionably fell
the lush lull along
they bloat and they swell
they're ticking clocks
they're just waiting to stop
and when they're gone i know you're
near me always

you're near me always
Track Name: Theater, Girl
she lived across the parking lot
when i stepped out for a drink i thought
i heard her reading shakespeare
on her balcony while
dragging on a cigarette

i saw her at a party once
reciting lines
and i was so afraid of alcohol
that i couldn't make a move

so i stood to her left
and she moved to the right
to the music coming out
of the stereo

and she moved to the left
and she moved to the right
and i finally realized i want
to take her home

later in the month we shared a shot
in part from friends who are
prone to find
the subtle navigations of two
minds alike
they couldn't be more wrong
in thinking we would be right

her performance was a masterstroke
and by the time the silence broke
her absinth paranoia couldn't penetrate
the shyness and the shakes
and suddenly she took my hand
and off we ran away from all the politics
of friends that we would never see again